Midwife-led care

Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy, labour and birth. They are also the lead professionals for women without complicated pregnancies. When you meet with us we will explain our criteria for midwife-led care so that you can make an informed choice as to the best care plan for you.

There are three main locations for you to receive midwife-led care – the Natural Birth Centre, at home or in the delivery suite. If you are in any doubt about your suitability for midwife-led care then we would recommend that you speak to one of our Supervisors of Midwives.

Women who do not meet the criteria for midwife-led care will usually be referred to consultant-led care, where they will receive the support of a dedicated doctor specialising in obstetrics.

If you are due to receive midwife-led care but complications arise before or during labour, your midwife will consult with the wider team and with you to work out how best to coordinate your care and which professionals will need to be involved in providing you with additional support.