Infant development

We are here to support you and your family during your pregnancy and beyond, to help you establish a close and loving relationship with your baby to provide the best possible start in life.

During your pregnancy

Getting to know your baby starts long before they arrive. As your baby grows and develops they will start to hear you and those around you, and you will start to feel them move and react. Your midwives will ask about you and your baby at each appointment.

There are many ways you can start to develop a relationship, including talking to your baby, rubbing your bump and responding to your baby's movements, this interaction helps your baby's brain develop. Please access the websites suggested below, helping you to know what to expect and prepare for your baby's arrival. This app can be used through your pregnancy and the first 6 months with your baby.

Once your baby has arrived

Our staff will support you to understand and care for your baby whilst in hospital and at home. Some of the most common concerns we hear from new mothers is about their baby's sleeping and we recommend this website for more information on sleep. This website can help you to understand your baby's behaviour and how you can help them to grow and learn.

You can access timetables of activities and support groups available in your area to enjoy with your baby for Richmond and for Hounslow.