Going home

We aim to support mothers and their new babies to return home as soon as possible. The length of time you will need to stay at the unit is dependent on your labour and childbirth experience.

After normal vaginal delivery

In the event of an uncomplicated delivery we will aim to get you home between 3 and 12 hours after you have given birth. You care will be continued by the community midwife within your own home the very next day.

Aftaer Caesarean section

You can expect to go home between 24 and 48 hours after your section if all is well. We aim to discharge mothers by late morning or early afternoon in most cases.

Before you leave…

We will

  • Give you a postnatal check to ensure you are recovering well and are safe to leave
  • Give your baby a paediatric check including a hearing screening test and BCG vaccination
  • Give you leaflets, details of follow up appointments and any medication you may need
  • Give you a wave goodbye (or a hug!) and check if you have any questions before you go

You will

  • Need to ensure you know how you are travelling home with your baby, including bringing an appropriate car seat if taking your baby home in your vehicle