Consultant doctors

You are likely to come into contact with consultant doctors at different stages of your pregnancy.

  • Antenatal clinics – we have several general clinics each week for women who need a doctor's input during their pregnancy; these are arranged geographically so that all women living in a similar location are cared for by the same team of midwives and doctors
  • Specialised clinics – some women have particular needs during their pregnancy and we run special clinics to have provide this additional, tailored support from pre-pregnancy right through to post-natal; to help women and babies to have the best possible outcome we ensure that care is centred around the mother, including decision-making and choices
  • Delivery suite – there is always a team of doctors and midwives working on the delivery suite and women with more complicated pregnancies have their own individualised birth management plans to ensure everyone knows what care is required in labour
  • Natural Birth Centre – whilst doctors do not provide routine care in the NBC, they are always on hand in case an urgent situation develops and work with midwives as needed; the same philosophy of high quality, one-to-one care applies in the NBC and delivery suite

As we are a training hospital this means that medical students work along doctors and midwives in all areas of the maternity unit. We hope that you will be happy to welcome them at your consultation or labour, but understand if you would prefer not to – the choice is entirely yours.

We train a wide variety of students from Imperial College School of Medicine and the London Deanery – some are aiming to become consultants and others to be GPs.

You can also read our list of current consultant doctors and their areas of special interest: